Neill Blomkamp Scratches That 'Aliens' Itch With Mysterious Oats Studios Teaser

Chances are we'll never see Neill Blomkamp's Alien sequel, but that's alright if it gives him room to experiment with new ideas and concepts. For the last year he's been teasing fans with the idea of creating short movies for Steam, a PC distribution network that others probably know a lot more about than me. Well now he's making good with an experimental venture called Oats Studios, and a teaser for some of the upcoming projects has been released and they look like the Blomkamp stuff that wowed us with District 9, and even earlier than that with his short film work.

Beginning with an overgrown Eiffel Tower, voiceover tells us that humanity has been overrun by an alien invasion. We then see plenty of footage of the aliens themselves, in various settings that seem to resemble Alien. We see a girl, who may be Dakota Fanning (she worked with Blomkamp on those BMW shorts with Clive Owen) firing a weapon Ripley-style at an extraterrestrial down a dark corridor. Speaking of Ripley, Sigourney Weaver herself even appears briefly in one scene where she seems to be commanding a military unit. We see soldiers fighting zombies in Vietnam, or someplace resembling the Vietnam War era, and much more.

Whatever this world is that Blomkamp is creating, I'm down to see more of what Oats Vol. 1 has to offer. He hopes to use these as test cases for future features, so it may be a good idea to follow these closely.