Julia Roberts Is 'The Bookseller', Christina Hendricks Joins 'The Strangers' Sequel, Antonio Banderas Revs Up Lamborghini Biopic

Oh, it must be Cannes time because projects are being put together all over the place. Julia Roberts finds herself attached to The Bookseller, a fantasy/period drama adapted from Cynthia Swanson's bestselling book. Set in 1962, the story follows bookseller Kitty Miller who must reconcile her reality the with the life she always wanted, which only exists when she falls asleep.

Finally, the long-developing sequel to The Strangers may be moving forward. Christina Hendricks has signed on to lead the home invasion thriller, joined by co-stars Bailee Madison (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark) and Lewis Pullman. Taking over as director is Johannes Roberts (The Other Side of the Door), with Bryan Bertino returning to write the screenplay. A familiar group of masked psychopaths have found a different family to terrorize, this time at a secluded mobile home park.

Antonio Banderas will play Ferrucio Lamborghini, founder of the famous car that bears his name, in a new biopic from Michael Radford, the Oscar-nominated director of Il Postino. Alec Baldwin is set to co-star as his rival, Enzo Ferrari, the subject of a totally separate biopic directed by Michael Mann and starring Hugh Jackman. This film will center on Lamborghini extraordinary story, and how he helped Italy get back on its feet after WWII by designing an automobile that revolutionized the industry.