Jordan Peele's Next "Social Thriller" Will Be Bigger Than 'Get Out'

The one thing none of us want to see happen from Jordan Peele's surprising $170M success with Get Out is for him to become "just another director" in Hollywood. It happens all of the time when a director comes out of nowhere then immediately follows it up with some generic blockbuster. That's why it was deflating to hear Warner Bros. wanted Peele to direct their forever-in-the-works adaptation of Akira. Please, no.  Fortunately, Peele seems to be sticking to his guns and staying in his wheelhouse.

Universal has signed a two-year first look deal with Peele's Monkeypaw Productions. That means Universal, who distributed Get Out, will do the same for Peele's next movie which will be another "social thriller", only this time it'll have five times the $4M budget he had for Get Out.  That's still only about a $20M movie, pretty small by typical standards and right where Blumhouse producer Jason Blum likes his small-budget movies to be.

As part of the agreement, Peele and Blum will also be helping to give opportunities to filmmakers from different backgrounds that Hollywood tend to overlook for their gender, sexuality, or race. That's pretty cool, and proves Peele definitely isn't in the Sunken Place.