Johnny Depp Will Indulge Himself In 'Richard Says Goodbye'

Last year Wayne Roberts' directorial debut Katie Says Goodbye had its world premiere at Toronto, and while there wasn't a ton of buzz behind it, word was strong about the lead performance from star Olivia Cooke as a teen who became a prostitute to escape poverty. Roberts seems to be making an entire mini-franchise out of characters "saying goodbye" by turning their lives around for the worse, and apparently that has attracted Johnny Depp who has signed on for the follow-up.

Depp will star in Richard Says Goodbye, which has a similar plot to Roberts' last film. He'll play a world-weary college professor who is given a life changing diagnosis and decides to drop all pretense and indulge in as many vices as possible: sex, smoking, drinking, and insulting anyone who gets in his way. Gee, this kinda sounds like Depp's life right now post-divorce, anyway. Nice.

Roberts will write and direct the project, which has no official start date as of yet. Depp will be busy for a while promoting Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, then Kenneth Branagh's Murder On the Orient Express. [Deadline]