Jesse Eisenberg Is Marcel Marceau In 'Resistance', Jessica Chastain To Play Ingrid Bergman, And More

It's Cannes and deals are being sewn up all over the place. Here are a few more that have some pretty big names attached, which means they're worth keeping track of.

Jesse Eisenberg will play legendary French mime Marcel Marceau in Resistance. Sounds like an action movie, right? An action-mime movie? Well...it does follow Marceau's time in the resistance during WWII, so yeah, I guess it is an action-mime movie. Marceau stood against Germany's occupation of France, and later joined the French army before embarking on his career as an artist. Then again ScreenDaily says it will be more like Roberto Bernigni's Life is Beautiful, which was part heart-breaking drama and part comedy. Jonathan Jakubowicz (Hands of Stone) will direct based on his own script.

Jessica Chastain is playing screen legend Ingrid Bergman in Seducing Ingrid Bergman, a fictionalized account of her extramarital affair with war photographer Robert Capa. The Casablanca star began the relationship with Capa in Paris in the aftermath of WWII, then carried it over to Hollywood. The affair did not become known until Bergman's 1980 autobiography. Arash Amel (Grace of Monoco) will write the script based on Chris Greenhalgh's novel. No director has been found yet, but at one time James Mangold had it on his radar. What will be really interesting is who gets to play Capa. That should be a really juicy role because Capa lived quite a life in his own right. [Deadline]

Unfortunately, we won't get to see Eva Green and Gemma Arterton together in Vita & Virginia as reported a couple of months ago.  Sadly, Green has had to drop out, but on the plus side she's being replaced by the underrated Andrea Riseborough, who is great in pretty much everything, including last year's Nocturnal Animals. She'll play socialite Vita Sackville-West who was engaged in a passionate decade-long love affair with author Virginia Woolf (Arterton). Chanya Button is directing. Riseborough will be seen next in tennis comedy Battle of the Sexes.

And the always-great Mackenzie Davis will followup Blade Runner 2049 with another sci-fi effort, Vivarium. Directed by Lorca Finnegan, this wild Twilight Zone-esque story follows a couple in search of the perfect starter home, who are led by a mysterious real estate agent to a housing developing. There they are trapped in a maze of identical houses and are forced to raise an otherworldly child. What the Hell? [Deadline]