Jason Momoa Will Play Will Ferrell's TV Son In A New Comedy

Pairing up Will Ferrell with a tough guy actor is pretty much guaranteed funny. For instance, teaming him up with Mark Wahlberg, whether it's in The Other Guys or Daddy's Home, works far better than when he's with Kevin Hart. Ferrell's a pretty big guy but he's best when playing a character that is less than imposing.

And hopefully that's how things will pan out when he teams up with Aquaman/Conan/Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa for an untitled comedy from writers Andy Mogel and Jarrad Paul, who directed the Jack Black comedy, The D Train. The premise was initially pitched as Galaxy Quest meets Ocean's 11, which is weird, and finds Ferrell as a washed-up TV star who reunites with his on-screen son played by Momoa, who is now a huge star.

Sounds just as inspired as the casting, so this could be a lot of fun depending on who they get to direct it. Nicholas Stoller and Adam McKay are on board as producers, but it's unclear if either, or possibly Mogel and Paul, will get behind the camera.

Who knows? Maybe Momoa and Ferrell hit it off and in Aquaman 2 we'll get Ferrell as Aqualad? [Deadline]