Is Josh Gad Playing The Penguin In A Batman Movie?

In the demand to always be first, movie news has gotten to the point where ANYTHING can be perceived as evidence of a scoop. Tweets especially have taken on all new meaning. No longer is an actor allowed to post an image of anything or tweet something without it being considered proof they've signed up for some big movie role. And that's where we are right now with the latest buzz sweeping the Internet, that Josh Gad has maybe found himself a part in a Batman movie.

The below image from Gad, noticed first by Uproxx, set this whole thing off...

Obviously that's a shot of popular Batman villain, the Penguin, but what does it mean? It could mean absolutely nothing. Maybe Gad is just a fan of the character, who is used more on TV and in movies than he is in the comics by a long stretch. He's been the top villain over on Gotham since day one, and was heavily featured in the 1960s Batman TV series and played by Danny Devito memorably in Batman Returns.

It's possible Gad is simply lobbying for a role in Matthew Reeves' The Batman? With all of the script changes going on over there, and Joe Manganiello sounding unsure about his role as Deathstroke, it's possible Penguin is now a central character. Or maybe he's voicing Penguin in a DC animated movie?

Or maybe it means nothing at all. That sounds like the kind of trick Olaf would play.

Odds are we'll find out the truth soon, one way or another.