Gal Gadot Back Alley Brawls In First 'Wonder Woman' Clip

Setting aside silly rumors Warner Bros. is sandbagging their own movie for some reason, they've now released the first Wonder Woman clip and it's perfectly appropriate for a couple of reasons. For one, it shows star Gal Gadot, a controversial pick to some, in action which is exactly what we want to see. But it also has Wonder Woman doing what she does best, which is protecting people. In this case she's protecting a man, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), from a handful of armed WWI goons, and she doesn't give a damn about exposing her identity if it means saving lives. Sweet.

To have a woman so clearly in the power position of a major Hollywood movie is so refreshing that it's impossible not to root for it and director Patty Jenkins to succeed.

Wonder Woman opens June 2nd.