Frank Underwood Out-Trumps Trump In New Teaser For 'House Of Cards' Season 5

I'm guessing the wait for season five of Netflix's House of Cards feels longer than ever, doesn't it? That's because the political landscape has undergone such a radical shift in the past year.  At the White House Correspondents Dinner, comedian Hasan Minhaj joked that things are so stressful under President Trump that he watches House of Cards just to relax. And that joke alone proves why this next season has to up the ante like never before.

How do you make the fictional, super corrupt Frank Underwood stand out in when the comically corrupt Trump is our reality? This new teaser doesn't give us any clues, but it has Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright back as Frank and Claire Underwood, and that's a good start. With a huge election coming up who knows if Claire will continue to stand by his side or finally, irrevocably stab him in the back. These two have to have their downfall sometime, right? I'll keep waiting for it just as I keep waiting for Trump to be outed as a Russian asset.

House of Cards returns on May 30th.