First Trailer For Kumail Nanjiani's Sundance Hit 'The Big Sick'

You see a lot of great movies with a ton of potential for awards, but not everything is what one would call easily marketable. One film that fit in both categories rather easily was The Big Sick, from Silicon Valley's Kumail  Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V. Gordon, and that's one reason why Amazon Studios shelled out a whopping $12M to acquire it. It's arguably the most talked about movie at the festival, and the first trailer is finally here so check it out.

Penned by Nanjiani and Gordon, the film is a bittersweet but very funny look at their courtship, as well as Nanjiani's relationship to his Pakistani family who don't approve of his dating an American girl or his standup comedy career. So it's a movie that kind of plays like an extended meet cute with fish-out-of-water aspects, but it has a ton of heart and you can feel how personal the story is. Playing Gordon is indie darling Zoe Kazan, while Judd Apatow is on board as a producer, and you can really feel his influence during the standup scenes. There are some terrific performances by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter, as well.  There's just a lot to love about this movie, and that it gracefully transitions from a rom-com into a fairly potent illness drama is just one of the many sure steps it takes.

The Big Sick opens June 23rd, but you can check out my review here