First Teaser For Netflix's 'Castlevania' Series Whips Into Action

One thing I never understood about the Castlevania video games, which I loved as a kid, is what the heck the title means. Castlevania sounds like some sort of weird conference meeting for castle enthusiasts. Anyway, it was an awesome horror game franchise and could end up an awesome animated series on Netflix, but it's a little difficult to tell based on this first teaser.

By far the coolest part is the intro, which is nostalgic as shit. It features an old school Nintendo getting powered up and displaying an impressive mock-up of Netflix's current lineup of shows, including a shot of 8-bit Frank Underwood from House of Cards. That needs to be a game right now. And I want it as an 8-bit side scroller, please. Eventually we get to the actual Castlevania footage with splashes of blood, a vampire, and a whip belonging to a new member of the Belmont clan.

Bombastic producer Adi Shankar (the guy who makes all of those unofficial comic book short films) has promised the series will be "R-rated as fuck" that will "set the bar" for all future video game adaptations. We'll see about that. I have faith in writer Warren Ellis to tell a savage horror story, but all I really need is to have Belmont whip a candle and have some food drop out of it for energy, at least once per show.

Castlevania whips into action on July 7th.