First Look At Julianne Moore In Todd Haynes's 'Wonderstruck'

Moving away from the 4-5 year wait between films, it's only been two years since Todd Haynes gave us the wonderfully enchanting romance, Carol, and already he's back with his next film. Haynes will be hitting Cannes soon with Wonderstruck, another period movie that finds him reconnecting with Safe and Far from Heaven star, Julianne Moore, who is featured in the film's debut images.

Based on the novel by Hugo author Brian Selznick, who also adapted the screenplay, Wonderstruck tells dual narratives taking place in 1927 and 1977. The earlier one stars Millicent Simmonds as Rose, who runs away from her New Jersey home to encounter her movie star idol, Lillian Mayhew (Moore). The latter follows Ben, played by Pete's Dragon's Oakes Fegley, who runs away from his New York home to find his missing father after his mother dies.  There's a chance the 1927 portion is told in the form of a silent movie, which would be an interesting way to depict Rose's deafness.  We'll find out for sure when we get the first Cannes reviews.

Also starring Michelle Williams, Wonderstruck opens October 20th and you can bet it has Oscars dead in its sights.