Drake Doremus' 'Zoe' Adds Christina Aguilera, Theo James, & Rashida Jones

While she's made numerous appearances on TV, and a few cameos as herself on the big screen, we haven't seen a lot from pop star Christina Aguilera since her feature acting debut, the campy 2010 musical Burlesque. But she seems to making a comeback now and in a very surprising way. She's joined the cast of the latest film from Drake Doremus, Zoe, and she'll be surrounded by a very impressive cast.

Aguilera, along with Rashida Jones, Theo James, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Miranda Otto, have joined the previously-cast Lea Seydoux and Ewan McGregor (he replaced Charlie Hunnam recently) in the sci-fi romance.  Penned by Rich Greenberg, the story centers on two colleagues at a revolutionary research lab designing technology to perfect relationships.

Doremus has already completed his most recent film, Newness, which I saw at Sundance and enjoyed quite a bit. It was a return to form exploring modern relationships without all of the genre stuff seen in Equals, another movie I liked more than most.