Doug Liman Drops Out Of Directing 'Justice League Dark'

Doug Liman just can't find the right comic book movie, even though it's clear he wants to do one. After dropping out of Fox's Gambit movie in order to focus on DC Films' Justice League Dark, he's now had to exit that movie, as well.

Variety reports Liman's exit is due to scheduling, as the busy director must turn his attention to an adaptation of Chaos Walking, which stars Daisy Ridley and Tom Holland. With that cast you can see why he would prioritize the project, which is seen as the beginning of a franchise. Liman also has a sequel to Edge of Tomorrow, titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat, in the works. He currently has a film in theaters, The Wall, that stars John Cena and Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

A search is on for a director to replace Liman, who came in when Guillermo Del Toro dropped out. Maybe Warner Bros. will turn their attention back to Del Toro now? It's not like there's a firm schedule in place or anything, nor have they begun to lay the groundwork for the team of supernatural superheroes led by John Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Zatanna.