Donald Glover Has A Deadpool Animated Series Coming To FXX

The most popular Marvel character on the big screen isn't one of the Avengers. It's Deadpool, whose rights sit comfortably over at 20th Century Fox away from Disney's big tent. The R-rated hero and his R-rated film were huge, the most successful of Fox's X-Men movies, and now they want to bring the Merc with a Mouth to the small screen, too, with some surprising help.

Donald Glover will write, exec-produce and serve as co-showrunner with Stephen Glover on an animated Deadpool series for FXX, FX's more adult-themed sister network. Jeph Loeb and Marvel TV actually made the pitch to Fox, who offered it to their Atlanta star who couldn't say no at just such an opportunity. A writer's room has already been set up and everything.

At this point we don't know who will voice Deadpool, but this sounds like an awesome show already, and could be a Hell of an hour alongside Archer.