Demian Bichir Gets a Face Full In New 'Alien: Covenant' Clip

The smart money says that 99% of the humans in any Alien movie are going to meet a really grisly demise, and you should probably walk into Alien: Covenant thinking the same way. But who exactly is going to survive? Katherine Waterston seems like a good bet, right? She is being painted as the Ellen Ripley-type of Ridley Scott's sequel, isn't she? But what about Oscar nominee Demian Bichir's character, Sgt. Lope?

In the latest clip, Lope gets up close and personal with one of those nasty facehuggers, and it does not turn out well for him. OF COURSE it doesn't! But does it kill him? You can check out the footage for yourself and find out.

Or just wait until May 19th to find out the fate of the entire crew.