Dan Stevens Unleashes First-Person Sci-Fi Fury In New Trailer For 'Kill Switch'

Dan Stevens has been on an undeniable hot streak with Beauty and the Beast, Legion, and Colossal, but all good things must come to an end. His latest film, Kill Switch, has both a generic title and is shot from a first-person perspective that basically takes Stevens out of the equation. How is that a recipe for success?

Looking a lot like a poor man's Hardcore Henry, the film is directed by Tim Smit, the Dutch filmmaker who introduced this story as a viral short movie back in 2009. Written by Omid Nooshin and C. Kindinger with Berenice Marlohe co-starring, the story follows a dangerous quest for unlimited energy that involves parallel universes. Of course something gets screwed up along the way and Stevens' character comes under attack so that he has to hit the 'B' and 'X' and 'RT' buttons to defend against it. Hm? Oh, this isn't a video game? You sure? Even the synopsis kinda says it is...

Acclaimed writer-director Tim Smit explodes on to the scene with his futuristic, VFX-heavy feature debut! Kill Switch charts the story of a pilot battling to save his family and the planet, based on Smit’s short What’s In The Box? Set in a future version of the world, the video game style plot follows an experiment for unlimited energy, harnessing parallel universes, which goes wrong. Chased by drones and soldiers, pilot and physicist Will Porter must race through an imploding world to get the Redivider box to a tower, which will save humanity, including his family, in the real world.

Kill Switch opens June 16th.