Daisy Ridley Is A Lady-In-Waiting In First Look At 'Ophelia'

Daisy Ridley doesn't need Star Wars to have plenty of movies ahead of her. She's plenty busy in other projects that have nothing to do with far away galaxies and Death Stars. In Ophelia, for instance, she'll be quoting the Bard himself in a reimagining of Hamlet, and the first image shows Ridley looking very different than we've seen her previously.

Claire McCarthy's film will follow Ophelia and her forbidden romance with Hamlet, only it will be told entirely from her perspective. Naomi Watts plays the Queen, with George McKay as Hamlet, Clive Owen as Claudius, Tom Phelton as Laertes, and Devon Terrell as Horatio. The film is based on Lisa Klein's novel and will give Shakespeare's 14th-century characters a contemporary voice.

Ophelia is filming now and is expected to open next year. Ridley will be seen later this year in Kenneth Branagh's remake of Murder On the Orient Express.  [THR]