Alexander Skarsgard & Jesse Eisenberg Buy In For 'The Hummingbird Project'

Who's ready for a movie about fibre optic cable? Nobody? What if it stars Alexander Skarsgard and Jesse Eisenberg and hails from War Witch director, Kim Nguyen? Well, whether you like that idea or not it's happening anyway, and to me it doesn't sound so bad.

Skarsgard and Eisenberg will star in The Hummingbird Project, which Nguyen wrote and will direct, just as he did for his Oscar-nominated War Witch and the unusual indie, Two Lovers and a Bear. The story follows brothers who are looking to make millions in the world of High Frequency Trading, and seek to gain an edge by building a fibre optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey. They face opposition from their old boss, a psychopath who just wants them to fail.

Filming begins next fall. Hopefully the marketing focuses on the trading and crazy ex-boss aspects of the story, not the whole cabling thing.