Trailer for VFX Filled Thriller 'Run Away with Me'

This Sci-Fi thriller from first-time director, Eren Özkural is set in a futuristic dystopia and is packed to the brim with stunning VFX done by none other than the director himself. Since its release in the U.K. it has picked up an award for Best Film at the 2015 British Independent Film Festival and has been earning various other awards and nominations since. Starring Kye Loren as Abraham, a former soldier, as he is released from prison after serving time for a crime he was forced to commit. A mysterious benefactor named Ingram (Bill Hutchens) steps in and offers him work that could possibly save mankind from total destruction. Forming a bond with Marja (Rosie MacPherson), a woman with a link to his past, along the way. He is on the run, with time running out and humanity hanging in the balance. Will Abraham figure out where his loyalty lies before it's too late?

Run Away with Me makes its debut on DVD, digital and VOD May 2, 2017.