Trailer For Ridley Scott's 'Phoenix Forgotten' Keeps Found Footage Horrors Alive

So you thought hoped the found footage horror genre was dead because Blair Witch tanked? Think again. It's alive and well (for now) and returning to theaters with the backing of none other than Ridley Scott (!!!) who is a producer on Phoenix Forgotten, which is based in part on a "true" story of a close encounter of the third kind.

Based on the alleged 1997 UFO sightings in Phoenix, AZ and Sonora, Mexico that became known as the "Phoenix Lights", the film uses that as the starting point for a story about three students who investigate the phenomenon but disappear without a trace. In true found footage fashion, a recording of their final hours is uncovered twenty years later, and apparently they didn't all just decide to go on an extended vacation.

The film is directed and co-written by Justin Barber along with T.S. Nowlin (writer of The Maze Runner), and stars a bunch of people you've never heard of like Florence Hartigan, Chelsea Lopez, Justin Matthews and Luke Spencer Roberts. Joining Scott as a producer is Wes Ball, director of the entire 'Maze Runner' trilogy.  Phoenix Forgotten opens April 21st.