Trailer For Post-Apocalyptic Thriller 'The Survivalist' Brings Fear And Paranoia

In any post-apocalyptic future, kindness is one of those things that is in short supply. It's right down there with natural resources, the human population, etc. Nobody can afford to be kind, especially to strangers, when everyone is fighting for their next gasp of breath. The lead character in Stephen Fingleton's The Survivalist might want to take that lesson to heart.

A popular pick out of TIFF a couple of years ago, the dystopian thriller has already been clearing awards since opening in the U.K.  It stars Martin McCann as a man simply known as "Survivalist", who goes to any deadly length to protect what's his as the rest of society collapses. Mia Goth (A Cure for Wellness) and Olwen Fouere (This Must Be The Place) play a mother and daughter he reluctantly allows into his life, only for it to bring paranoia and distrust. Honestly, I'm not sure who the true survivalist of this story is, but it may not be who we are supposed to think.

IFC Midnight will open The Survivalist in theaters and VOD on May 19th.