Trailer For Ex-WWE Superstar John Morrison's 'Boone: The Bounty Hunter' Action Comedy

Hulk Hogan. Steve Austin. Dwayne Johnson. John Cena. John Morrison?? Unlike the other current and former WWE superstars who have gone on to successful acting careers, Morrison, formerly Johnny Nitro and currently Johnny Mundo on Lucha Underground, is not only starring in his own movie, he actually wrote it. Morrison stars in Boone: The Bounty Hunter, an action/comedy that kinda looks like it should be a skit on SNL, but has the potential to at least be some fun.

Morrison recruited some recognizable B-list talent for this one including Rampage Jackson, Dominique Swain, Jonathan Lipnicki, Kevin Sorbo, Lorenzo Lamas, and Corbin Bernsen. The "Shaman of Sexy" plays a TV bounty hunter who tries to save his show from cancellation by taking on a risky job across the Mexico border. 

It looks cheesy, it looks super silly, but I kinda want to see it. Morrison's pretty much the only guy still making movies with parkour in it (Taylor Lautner last tried and it sucked), but if he's going to Starship Pain his foes to death then I'm down to watch him do it.  Boone: The Bounty Hunter hits VOD on May 9th.