Trailer For Campy Horror 'The Black Room' Has Me Excited For Three Reasons

Under normal circumstances I probably wouldn't give a horror like The Black Room a second thought, but there are three reasons why this is different:  Natasha Henstridge, Lin Shaye, and Dominique Swain. Henstridge I've loved since she played the sexy alien hybrid in Species, not to mention her run on the guilty pleasure She Spies; Shaye is consistently the best part of any horror movie, especially the Insidious flicks; and Swain had a run of movies in the '90s (Lolita, Girl, Face/Off) that have made her a longtime favorite.

Otherwise, I know nothing about this movie which seems to be about a monster lurking in a family's home, only it's some kind of monster that grants your fondest desires or something? That doesn't sound so bad. Those cultists seem to be having themselves a wild ol' party, so why mess with a good thing? Okay, the part about being eaten alive doesn't sound so good. Here's the synopsis:

Paul and Jennifer Hemdale have just moved into their dream house. But their happy marriage is about to be put to the test as they slowly discover the secret behind the black room in the cellar. Something else is already living in their new home and it is growing stronger every day.

At least director Rolfe Kanefsky knows he's got something campy as Hell here, and his cast seems to know it, too. The Black Room opens April 28th and hits VOD on May 9th.