This Week In DC TV: The Legends Go Back In Time To Save All Of Reality

Hey Folks,

It looks like the only show we will see in the Arrowverse this week is Legends of Tomorrow since all the other shows are on hiatus until the ends of the month.  Instead, we are treated to the season finale of an impressive sophomore season of the time-traveling show as our group of misfits struggled to save reality from the Legion of Doom.  As you remember last week, Eobard Thawne and the Legion of Doom managed to capture the Spear of Destiny, rewrite reality, and pretty much win their much-contested battle that lasted all season long.

The Legends came close to stopping them, but in the end, Thawne managed to destroy the spear permanently keeping his “Doomworld” intact, and Leonard Snart managed to kill Amaya, leaving our heroes demoralized.  Their only course of action to save the day is to do the one thing they are never to do, go back into their own past (and possibly destroying all of space-time in the process) and stop the Legion of Doom before they manage to get the spear.  The only problem is, that they still need to get their time ship, The Wave Rider, which currently has no power, oh and Thawne shrunk it down using Ray’s Atom technology.  Needless to say, they have their work cut out for them!

So how did everything in the season finale, “Aruba” go this week? Let’s take a look:

In the aftermath of Amaya’s death, the Legends go head back to Nate’s mom’s basement and lick their wounds.  Determined to somehow find the Wave Rider and head back to 1961 and undo all the damage the Legion of Doom cause, they start trying to figure out a way to find Rip.  Lucky for them, Rip is doing the exact same thing.  Gideon manages to finally power the ship and send out a distress call to the Legends.  Ray and Jax manage to find Rip’s signal.  However, there’s just a teeny tiny problem, the Wave Rider has been miniaturized and is now a decorative ornament at Star Labs.  The Legends come up with the idea of breaking into Star Labs, grab Ray’s Atom suit, and use the technology to make the ship grow back to its full size so they can time travel back into the past.  The Legends break into Star Labs, and face off against a bunch of guards, but then Damien Darhk shows up.  Remember, in this reality, they do not have their powers, and Darhk has his magic as well.  It also doesn’t help that the Wave Rider is shrunken and its laser blasts have no effect on Darhk.  Lucky for them, he gets knocked out and the Legends manage to escape on The Wave Rider.

When they fill Rip in on the plan to travel back to 1961 to stop the Legion before they managed to secure the spear.  The big problem is, that The Legends were already there.  It’s a cardinal sin to encounter yourselves in the past, as it will make a time aberration so great that it could literally destroy the fabric of reality.  However, existing in Thawne’s Doomworld reality is something the Legends are not willing to do.  They figure it’s worth the risk despite Rips objections.  So it’s off to 1961 we go again.

This is where it gets weird!

The Legends not only have to stop the Legion of Doom, but they also have to avoid seeing their younger counterparts.  Of course, it’s not going to run as smooth as they hope.  As soon as they jump into the past, a time quake happens.  This means that the aberrations will be tough and reality might not survive.  Also, if they are successful, they will cease to exists (since the Doomworld reality they exist in will no longer exist).  Lastly, they immediately run into their past counterparts.  At first, they split up and only interact with their past selves who are in their immediate area.  Example: Rory from the past was out talking to what he thought was Snart , so Doomworld-Rory would then try and play it off like he was Past-Rory when interacting with the other Pas-Legends.  The ruse didn’t last long as the Legends of The Past quickly got hip to the Legends from the future.  After a brief scuffle (as they thought the future Legends were members of the Legion of Doom in disguise), the two teams decided to work together.  This causes the time quakes to grow.  To make matters worse, Thawne from Doomworld has also traveled into the past realizing what the future Legends are up to and is determined to stop them here as well.  He alsoo brings about 30 versions of himself from various timelines to battle them.  They can barely take on one Reverse-Flash, how are they going to contend with 30?

The future-Legends team up with the past-Legends to take on The Legion and almost all of the future-Legends perish in the battle.  It’s not even fair how they all die.  They all die sacrificing themselves for their younger selves, all except Sarah, who continues to help her team.  The Legends manage to get a hold of the spear, and Sarah ends up using it.  After she chants the words to gain control, she is transported to her home in a reality where her sister Laurel Lance is still alive and the two share a movie night as sisters.  It’s good that actress Katie Cassidy once again returned to the Arrowverse to share one last moment with her sister.  Sara opts not to save her sister, she returns back to 1961.  Thawne steals the spear.  However, Sarah has used its power to render it inert.  Since he cannot use it to change reality, he figures he will instead use it to stab Sarah with it.  Instead the Black Flash, who has been hunting him all season returns and finally kills him.  All the other versions of Thawne perish as well.  The Legends have saved reality.  The only future-Legend still alive, Sarah vanishes into thin air having never existed.

The Legends now have to ensure that time plays the way it did.  They don’t kill the bad guys.  They instead return them to their perspective timelines and erase their memories.  Damien Darhk is returned to the 1980s, even though he will one day kill Sarah’s sister Laurel when trying to take over Star City.  Rory returns Snart back to his timeline, telling him that he will one day be a great hero.  All is right with the universe.

Rip decides that his time as a Time Master with the Legends is at an end.  The group works better under Sarah’s leadership as captain than they ever did under his.  Where he goes off to?  Who knows?  Having saved all of existence, the Legends opt to get some much needed R&R.  Rory, who has been saying to go to Aruba the whole episode finally gets his wish.  As soon as they are about to time jump to Aruba, another time quake happens.  They end up in Los Angeles, and there are a few problems.  Mainly, the entire city’s invested with dinosaurs.  Looks like they will have to do more time-fixing next season on Legends of Tomorrow.