This Week In DC TV: It’s A Whole New Reality For The Legends

Hey Folks,

This week in the Arrowverse, a whole bunch was going on for our heroes.  On Supergirl, a bounty was placed on Kara, she not only has to stay alive, but also figure out who wants to kill her.  On The Flash, a new villain comes forth that Gypsy needs to send back to her Earth in custody.  The only problem is that he just might know who Savitar is.  Will Barry try and make a deal with the devil?  On Legends of Tomorrow, the aftermath of the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny create a brand-new reality for the Legends to exist in.  Meanwhile, on Arrow, a broken Oliver still wants to rid Star City of Adrian Chase.  No longer wanting to wear the hood, he has to use a less than savory resource.

So how did everything in the Arrowverse go this week? Let’s take a look at this week’s episodes:

Supergirl: “Distant Sun”

Once again, we have to give director Kevin Smith his props.  When he’s not directing some weed-inspired, podcast-based movie that is made almost exclusively for his fans, he ends up competently directing a decent product.  This is his second time directing an episode of Supergirl, and his fourth time directing in the Arrowverse, so now he’s got a knack for it.  It’s rumored that he will possibly be the showrunner (or at least director and writer) for a Spawn spin-off TV show, Sam and Twitch for BBC America.  TV just might be his thing at this point in his career because he’s doing well with it.

Last week introduced Mon-El’s Daxamite parents Rhea (Teri Hatcher) and Lar-Gand (Kevin Sorbo) and it turns out that Mon-El is not some lowly Daxamite.  He’s royalty.  Although he denied returning to their home planet to help rebuild in the aftermath of Krypton’s explosion, they’re aren’t done with him yet.

The episode opens up with an alien attack in National City.  Of course, it’s Supergirl to the rescue.  After dealing with the alien, she finds out that a bounty has been placed on her head.  She can expect more alien bounty hunters from across the universe to try and cash in on the prize, her head.  J’onn wants Kara to keep a low profile for her own safety.  Naturally, she doesn’t want to do that.  However, she agrees to a 24-hour cooldown period where she will keep a low profile and not do any heroics.  Mon-El immediately thinks his parents are behind the hit and goes off to confront them.  After the initial denial, he continues investigating to see who’s behind it and have them call off the bounty.  Kara is stuck with Winn and James, playing board games.  Another alien tries to attack her at her home, this time using a psychic attack forcing Mon-El to fight her against his will.  While the two are fighting, Winn ends up saving the day by threatening the psychic alien with a stapler (which is thought to be a gun).  

At the DEO, J'onn uses his psychic powers on the culprit to find out who put the bounty on Kara.  After a brief duel between the two, J'onn proves to be the victor and the real culprit is revealed.  Turns out Mon-El’s parents really want him back as they have put the hit out on Kara.  Mon-El is furious while Kara thinks that she can try and talk with them.  The DEO is forbidden as the president (Lynda Carter) does not want to risk an intergalactic confrontation.  Kara picks a neutral ground and has Rhea meet them at the Fortress of Solitude.  Things don’t go according to plan as Rhea brought a knife (more specifically a Kryptonite dagger) to a negotiation.  Under the threat of killing Kara, Mon-El agrees to return to Daxam with her and assume his royal position.  Once they are on their ship, Mon-El states that if he is to be a prince and later on a King, he will bring about reforms in Daxam culture.  Rhea wasn’t having any of that and placed him in custody as she felt Earth softened him up too much.

Meanwhile, Alex was having her own dilemma.  When she and her girlfriend Maggie were out on a date, they ran into Maggie’s ex-girlfriend Emily on the street.  Alex, trying to play it cool and act like an adult, invited Emily out to dinner to get to know her.  Maggie, of course, was a little uncomfortable but went along with the idea anyway.  Emily ended up a no-show at the date.  Alex, later on, ran into Emily again asking why the no show.  There Alex found out that it was because Emily and Maggie dated for a long time and Maggie ended up cheating on her.  This is something that Maggie never bothered to tell Alex the truth about it.  When confronting Maggie, later on, Alex reveals that she didn’t care about a past indiscretion, but she was upset about the fact that she did not include her in it as it clearly was a big part of her past life that she tried to keep a secret.  The two reconciled later on with Alex telling Maggie that she was there for her as her partner to help her heal.

Kara decides to launch a rescue operation for Mon-El, and she even gets J'onn in on the rescue.  When confronted, it is revealed that only Rhea, not her husband Lar-Gand placed the bounty on Kara.  He is shocked when he finds out his wife did this to get Mon-El back.  As everyone is fighting aboard their ship, he calls his guards to stand down and says that Mon-El has made his choice, they should respect that.  He allows them all to leave and head back to Earth.  After on when confronting his wife and offering her solace, she ends up killing her own husband.  She really wants her son back!

Supergirl will be on hiatus until April 24th but will return with the episode “Ace Reporter.”

The Flash: “Abra Kadabra”

This week, Barry meets a new foe in the form of Abra Kadabra, a supervillain from the 64th Century who uses magic as his superpower.  Now he really doesn’t use magic, but has equipped his body with enough nano-technology that it’s considered “magic” to us.  Actor David Dastmalchian, no stranger to the geek world has already played in The Dark Knight, Ant-Man, and Gotham plays the villain of the week for The Flash.  

Abra Kadabra comes to Central City in search of various technologies so that he can build a time machine and go back to his time period.  He is first caught by police officers when trying to steal of tech, and he uses his abilities to trap them in an airtight container and then drowns them in water.  At first, no one knows what to make of it, but during his second strike, Barry shows up to stop him.  He immediately recognizes Barry, which means that somewhere in the future, he and The Flash will cross paths.  Not only does he name drop The Flash by his first name, but he reveals that he knows Iris is about to die at the hands of Savitar.  As the two are about to fight each other, Gypsy show up through a breach, and it looks like she’s bounty-hunting for him.  She is just enough of a distraction that allows Abra Kadabra to teleport safely away.

At STAR Labs, Gypsy fills Team Flash in on Abra Kadabra’s backstory: he’s a time traveling criminal from the 64th century that she has been searching for as he has caused all sorts of havoc on Earth-19.  Barry agrees that they will help her find him and stop him.  Barry talks with Iris in secret that Abra Kadabra knows about her future and they need to talk with him before releasing him to Gypsy’s custody.  As Barry and Wally go with Gypsy to take him down as he’s raising another lab for their tech, it turns out he was toying with them and they were about to take on a hologram.  The real Abra Kadabra is actually at STAR Labs trying to steal their technology.  Guarded by only Julian, Joe, and Caitlin, Abra Kadabra easily dispatches them.  Barry speeds in to save the day.

Now in the metahuman vault, Abra Kadabra offers to reveal the identity of Savitar (we still don’t know who he is) to Barry if he releases him.  This sets up a dilemma for Barry.  Do you make a deal with the devil, betraying Gypsy in the process, to save the woman you love?  Iris manages to talk Barry out of doing so.  For someone who knows she’s going to die, she continues to set up roadblocks for her salvation.  Joe, however, isn’t so easily swayed.  He ends up releasing Abra Kadabra from custody under the promise of telling him who Savitar is.  Just before he’s about to tell Joe, Gypsy arrived and Abra Kadabra teleports to another area of STAR Labs.  There he finds Barry’s time vault and steals a piece of tech he needs for his time machine.  He then causes an explosion which causes Caitlin to be impaled by a piece of steel.

Now they have to save Caitlin.  Cisco and Julian know that her “Killer Frost” powers could instantly heal her, but then the risk of her alter-ego could come about and Caitlin warns that she would rather die than have that happen.  She begs for that not to happen and asks Julian to operate on her instead.  Despite his lack of medical knowledge, he agrees and Caitlin talks him through it.  Julian manages to save the day and successfully remove the shrapnel from her stomach.

Now they still have Abra Kadabra to deal with.  The team finds out where his time machine is and they all work together to stop him.  Cisco and Gypsy use their vibe powers (they do make a cute couple) while Barry and Wally got it covered on the speedster end.  Barry manages to phase through his time ship and get him out of it before it goes through a time breach to his home time period.  With Abra Kadabra back in custody, Barry has to once again decide if he’s going to let him go or allow Gypsy to take him into Earth-19 custody.  Barry relents and allows her to take him away.  Before she teleports back to her own Earth, she and Cisco have a little bit of aa falling out.  She wants justice for Abra Kadabra killing her former partner/lover, but it’s at the expense of Iris.  Barry confides with Joe and Iris that his next step for trying to stop the inevitable is to travel instead to the future to find a way to stop Savitar.

Unfortunately, Caitlin is not out of the woods.  She has a post-surgery seizure and Cisco and Julian are unable to revive her as she flatlines.  As a last Hail Mary, Julian removes her power-inducing necklace.  This allows her metahuman abilities to heal her, but it’s too late… Killer Frost returns!

The Flash will also have a hiatus until April 26th, but when it returns, Barry travels to the future where he meets an emo version of his future self in the aftermath of Iris’ death.

Legends of Tomorrow: “Doomworld”

Now that the Legion of Doom has used the Spear of Destiny, reality has been re-written.  Shows like this are always fun because they throw the current world (and the characters) for a spin.  Much like visiting Earth-2 for the first time, everything’s topsy turvy.  From the opening, we find out that Sara and Amaya work as hired muscle for Damien Darhk.  He sends them to take out vigilantes and heroes.  As they capture the newest Black Canary, who happens to be Felicity in this reality, he orders them to kill her.  He adds her mask to his wall of trophies, which includes the masks of The Flash, Green Arrow, Wild Dog, Ragman, and Vigilante.  He has no one to oppose him.   

In this new reality, Thawne is the smartest man in the world.  He has the Black Flash captured.  He runs STAR Labs.  He even has the president of the United States on hold.  It’s assumed that in this “Doomworld” Trump is president as he’s a “man who runs hotels” and Thawne calls his wife “Mel.”  Other changes include Damien Darhk being the mayor of Star City.  Darhk also got his magic back.  In Central City, Snart and Mick freely rob banks as the cops answer to them.  Malcolm Merlyn has his hand back, and a great relationship with his family.  Things are looking good for the Legion of Doom.

For the Legends, not so good.  Jax and Stein work for Thawne at STAR Labs.  Jax is now Stein’s abusive boss.  Ray is now a custodian, which is a step down for one of the smartest people alive.  The only person who seems to have a clue is Nate, but he’s a loser living at home in his mother’s basement.  Rip is unchanged and completely knows what’s going on.  His problem, though is that he’s in a power-strapped Wave Rider, that’s also miniaturized.    Instead of wiping the Legends from reality, Thawne adjusts them, citing “poetic justice.”  

When Snart and Rory talk with Thawne about their current reality, they are interrupted by Nate, who although is a conspiracy theorist, he’s not wrong.  Knowing that Nate is hip to what’s going on, Thawne orders the two to kill him.  Bored with his new existence, Rory opts not to and instead knocks Snart out and escapes with Nate.  He reveals to Nate that he’s having second thoughts about using the spear.  The two go to Ray Palmer and tell him the same thing.  Although he’s a janitor by day, video gamer by night, he’s still a genius.  Ray invents a ray gun that when fired at someone’s head, it restores their memories.  After using it on Nate, with his memories fully restored, he punches Mick for betraying the Legends.  This becomes a theme throughout the episode.  As each Legend gets their memories restored, they give Mick a punch to the face.  One by one, they all have the memories restored (except Stein).  They then conclude that Jax’s experiment at STAR Labs was to create a means to destroy the Spear of Destiny, forever locking them into this reality.  It’s up to the Legends to stop this from happening.  However, they don’t include Mick as he betrayed them before.

When they get to STAR Labs, it’s almost too late as Thawne’s generator is fired up.  However, they have unlikely help.  Mick told Snart, Merlyn, and Darhk about Thawne’s plans of destroying the spear, and all hell breaks loose to stop Thawne.  As the fight breaks out, the spear changes hands several times until Mick gets it.  He gives the Spear to Amaya so she can use it to rewrite reality back to normal.  Snart however instead freezes her with his cold gun.  He then kicks the frozen hero into pieces, killing her.  With everyone in shock, Thawne gets the spear back and throws it in the generator, locking them all into this reality.  Thawne allows them all to leave, knowing that they are now locked into a reality where everyone will think they are crazy and that’s punishment enough.  

The team regroups in Nate’s mom’s basement and decides they have to do something.  The only thing they can do would be to go against time rules.  They have to find Rip and the Wave Rider, travel into their own past and fix it before the Legion gets the spear.  Now they just need to find Rip.  Rip manages to power up his time ship and send a distress signal.  However, his ship has been shrunk and is now a desk decoration at Thawne’s STAR Labs. 

Next week is the season finale as the Legends need to time travel to 1960 and reverse all the Legion has done, without causing time to fold on itself.

Arrow: “Disbanded”

In the aftermath of Prometheus’ torture, Oliver is a broken man.  He returns to the Arrow Cave giving up on his crusade as he has now convinced himself that it was all a lie.  He was just doing this as a means of helping release his “dark passenger.”  The rest of his team are in disbelief, especially Diggle, who has been with him since day one, and even given up much for Oliver’s crusade to “save the city.”  The team still wants to carry on though as Star City still needs its heroes.

Setting up a new Arrow Cave in Felicity’s apartment (as Oliver has changed the codes and locked away their uniforms), they get Argus tactical gear (thanks to Diggle’s wife) and continue their mission.  Felicity also has her hacktivist group Helix to use as a resource, so Team Arrow is still in business, even if their CEO is not.   

Back to being the mayor, Oliver resumes his duties.  In his absence, Quentin has been covering for him.  Quentin still wants to find a way to take on Chase.  As soon as his name is mentioned, he shows up and “thanks” the mayor for allowing him to grieve for his wife’s death (whom he killed).  As he and Oliver once again engage a battle of wits, he offers Oliver the chance to kill him in his own office, even offering the knife.  Oliver declines but says he will stop him somehow.   

Oliver decides that Chase will pay.  He just doesn’t want to drag anyone from Team Arrow down with it.  He calls on his old Bratva buddy Anatoly, the KGBeast for help.   Anatoly agrees to help, but it will cost Oliver.  The Bratva will need to come into Star City, something Oliver forbid before, and they will be able to steal what they want.  The Bratva wants to be able to steal a diabetes drug so they can use to create an opioid worse than heroin.  Oliver, desperate to kill Chase, agrees.

Felicity working at Helix is working with Alena, who reveals that they have a surveillance video of Prometheus taking off his mask.  However, Chase has his own technology that scrambles his face from conventional cameras.  They need to figure out a way to reverse engineer his technology.  Lucky for them, Chase needs a bodyguard.

Team Arrow learns about the Bratva and their attempt to kill Chase and rushes to stop them.  As the manage to subdue the Russian gangsters, they come in contact with Chase when he’s separated from his police escort.  Chase easily beats Curtis down.  However, Curtis gets the extra hands because in their scuffle he manages to get his hands on Chase’s tech, which now Felicity and reverse engineer and find a way to descramble the Prometheus footage.  After they take this tech to Helix, who knew they were vigilantes all along, tell them to break into the company Chase stole the tech from.

The attack on Chase by the Bratva causes the police to place him in protective custody, further driving a wedge between Oliver and Diggle as now there’s no way for the Bratva to kill him.  Diggle then gives Oliver a speech about rebounding back.  The Oliver Queen he knew would never allow gangsters to come into his city, even if it meant the death of Chase.  Diggle reminds Oliver of the time when Oliver told him to atone for his brother’s death by being Spartan.  Now Oliver has to atone by continuing to be the Green Arrow.  

Oliver renounces his deal with Anatoly.  Anatoly responds that he is still going to take the drugs.  This causes Oliver and his long time friend to become enemies.  Team Arrow suits up to stop the Bratva.  However, they have taken hostages as well.  Team Arrow takes the fight to them and Oliver comes face to face with Anatoly.  Rather than kill his former friend, he causes an alarm which will make the police come after them all.  Anatoly and Oliver escape.  Felicity and Curtis have their own side mission and manage to get the technology needed to descramble the picture.  

With the picture now available, the police know that Chase is Prometheus and go to arrest him.  However, he gets the drop on the two marshals protecting him and he kills them.  Chase manages to escape to fight another day.  

Arrow also will be on hiatus until April 26th.  When it returns, Oliver will be at odds with Felicity and Helix.