'The Boss Baby' Knocks 'Beauty and The Beast' Down A Peg, 'Ghost In The Shell' Predictably Flops

1. The Boss Baby- $49M
Alec Baldwin's animated romp marks another success for DreamWorks, I'll honetly say I thought Beauty and the Beast had another week at #1 in it. I guess now we see who's the boss
2. Beauty and the Beast- $47M/$395M
Closing in on $400 million the live action adaptation is continuing to chug along only losing the top spot after three weeks by 2 million bucks. The one thing we can add or take from this weeks performance is that we can fully expect the live action adaptations started by The Jungle Book to continue, let's just hope they don't whitewash Aladdin!
3. Ghost in the Shell- $19M
I'm actually surprised by this, not the lack of money but that it almost hit 20 million. While that is alot of money it's not enough to pulll this $100M+ film from flop territory
4. Power Rangers- $14.5M/$65M
5. Kong: Skull Island- $8.8M/$147M
Closing in on $150 million here we have another example of a franchise fuse being lit, with this solid performance the monster-verse is going to keep moving forward. Color me excited, Godzilla V Kong>Batman V Superman!
6. Logan- $6.2M/$211M
7. Get Out- $5m/$156M
8. Life- $5.6/$22M
9. CHiPs- $4M/$14M
CHiPs hasn't found legs in it's subsequent week, sure to drop from the top 10 next go around. No surprises there, this will be another one of those flicks that you can't escape during the weekend on TNT
10. The Zookeeper's Wife- $3.3M
Our last entry is also our last new entry of the week. While the low numbers may seem bad this was a fairly limited release at around 500 theaters (average large release 3000). If you go by per theater average The Zookeeper's Wife would take the #3 spot.