Taylor Schilling Wants To Be Kidnapped In New Trailer For 'Take Me'

People have all kinds of strange fetishes that I'll never try to understand, but they make for great movie fodder. One of my favorites was R100 which was about a guy who had a fetish for getting beaten up and humiliated by women publicly. Something similar is going on in the new trailer for Take Me, a comedy that stars Orange is the New Black's Taylor Schilling as a woman with a thing for getting kidnapped.

Schilling stars with writer/director Pat Healy (The Innkeepers, Carnage Park) in this film about a guy with a business that specializes in simulated kidnappings. Schilling plays a mysterious new client who promises a sizable payday for his services, but she's got something else up her sleeve that causes the abduction to go haywire.

Take Me will have its world premiere this month at Tribeca before The Orchard releases it on May 5th.