Seth Rogen And Lonely Island May Be Making A Fyre Festival Parody

The shit show of the year, you'll be surprised to know, has NOTHING to do with with Donald Trump. It's the much-ridiculed Fyre Festival, a supposed luxury musical  event that turned into a complete disaster, a mega-level fiasco so bad it should have a picture of Mike Flynn stamped on it. With attendees having paid thousands of dollars for high-class accommodations to rub elbows with taste makers and influencers, like co-creator Ja Rule and musical acts like Blink 182, Major Lazar and more, the whole thing actually ended up a debacle with no food, no water, tossed luggage, no acts, and for many, no way home. But the angry shrieks of thousands of spoiled millennials has borne unexpected fruit on the creative front.

Seth Rogen and Lonely Island, the trio consisting of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, have tweeted their upcoming movie that centers on a catastrophe similar to Fyre Festival. While it kinda sounds like they're joking, it's hard to tell and I hope they're being serious...

Rogen really likes his disaster comedies, doesn't he? How much you want to bet Ja Rule makes a cameo? No word on when or even if this movie becomes a reality, but I bet the chances of it happening just went up about 1000%.