Punch Drunk DVD's: 'Hidden Figures', 'Lion', 'The Bye Bye Man', And More!


This inspiring and Oscar nominated hit tells the true story of three brilliant African-American women (Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle MonĂ¡e) who changed the world. While defying societal expectations and prejudices, they worked to figure out the science it would take for NASA to send a man into space for the first time.

We Said: “Ironically for a movie about a bunch of math nerds, Hidden Figures simplifies the solutions for these pioneering women. However, it's also a movie that pays worthy tribute to their brilliance and determination in the face of overwhelming social odds, and does so in a way that engages emotionally.” Rating: 3 out of 5

Twenty-five years ago, a little boy named Saroo was separated from his family, getting lost in a train station and traveling thousands of miles across India alone. Having been adopted and raised by a loving Australian woman (Nicole Kidman) and her husband, the now fully grown Saroo (Dev Patel) struggles with his identity and thoughts of his past. With nothing but his fading memories and Google Earth to help him, Saroo begins his quest to rediscover where he came from in this Oscar nominated biopic.

We Said: Lion plays safe more often than necessary, but it definitely roars when it counts.” Rating: 3 out of 5

This new psychological teen-slasher focuses on three young friends who uncover a secret curse. The Bye Bye Man, a mysterious demonic entity, haunts those who say his name out-loud, destroying their grip on reality and forcing them to kill themselves.

We Said: “Is this truly a god-awful mess of a horror movie, or is The Bye Bye Man actually a hilarious dark-comedy that is littered with technical and script mistakes? […] If you want either your teenage jump-scare fix or a truly mind-boggling joke, I would actually enthusiastically recommend the madness that is The Bye Bye Man. As for everyone else, if you’re looking for a genuine horror film, avoid this movie like the plague that it is.” Rating: 2 out of 5