Podcast: Cinema Royale Takes Aim At Ben Wheatley's 'Free Fire'

If an insane shootout like the one in Ben Wheatley's FREE FIRE ever broke out among critics, you can bet me and Joblo.com's Chris Bumbray would make it out alive. We bad like that, and it's also why he's the only one allowed on this episode of Cinema Royale to talk Wheatley's film starring Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, and Sharlto Copley. 
Plus, we'll take THE PROMISE with Terry George's historical drama starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, and Charlotte Le Bon.  It's a film that's already being projected to lose a bundle, and we'll tell you whether it deserves to or not. 
Honestly, we go off on a tangent about everything, including whether Netflix is a good thing or not for the movie industry, so strap in for an amazing hour! Tune in and follow Cinema Royale on Blogtalkradio as part of Critical: The Movie Critics Network!