Podcast: Cinema Royale Is GIFTED And GOING IN STYLE; Plus GHOST IN THE SHELL Fallout

*NOTE: Please excuse the technical difficulties in the beginning. Just skip ahead about 3 minutes and things pick up normally.*
On this week's Cinema Royale, we are certified G's! Chris Evans proves that even without his shield and an injection of Super Soldier serum he can still be a hero in GIFTED, the new film from The Amazing Spider-Man director, Marc Webb! Plus, Zach Braff makes a non-emo indie flick for once with GOING IN STYLE, starring Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, and Alan Arkin as three grumpy old men who decide to rob a bank.
All of this, plus news on GHOST IN THE SHELL and some of the fallout from its opening weekend; the future of THE EXPENDABLES franchise is seriously in doubt, and much much more.
I'll be joined by fellow Punch Drunk Critic John Armstrong because he's the only one of us to have seen everything this week! Just kidding, he's brilliant. Tune in and follow Cinema Royale on Blogtalkradio as part of Critical: The Movie Critics Network!