Olivier Assayas Is Directing Cuban Spy Thriller 'Wasp Network'

Olivier Assayas' two movies with Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper, have been some of the most successful of his career. They've certainly helped to spread his name to a wider audience who probably would never have paid attention to his work. Whether he turns to her for this next project isn't clear yet, but it will mark a departure for him either way as it's a spy thriller centered on a terrorist network.

Assayas will write and direct Wasp Network, which is an adaptation of Fernando Morais' novel, The Last Soldiers Of The Cold War. It's based on the true story of Cuban spies in America during the '80s and '90s who infiltrated terrorist groups out of Florida.

So definitely a gear shift for Assayas. Next up for him is his collaboration with Roman Polanski, Based on a True Story, which is already completed and hopefully we'll start getting some release info on. [THR]