Oh Hell Yeah! A Vince McMahon Biopic Is On The Way

Considering WWE chairman, wrestler, entrepreneur, and he of the swinging grapefruits Vincent Kennedy McMahon is still such an integral part of WWE TV each week, I can't imagine anybody else playing him in a movie. He's the ultimate control freak, especially when it comes to his public persona, it would seem the idea of a McMahon biopic would be greeted with a hearty, "No chance in Hell"!  Well, that would be as wrong as McMahon losing a hair vs. hair match to Donald Trump.

John Requa and Glenn Ficarra, directors of Crazy Stupid Love and creators of hit TV series This Is Us, will direct Pandemonium from a script by Craig Williams. And yes, WWE Studios is involved so Vince will probably have some say in it. Can you say "rose-colored glasses"? Anyway, the film will cover McMahon's life as the son and grandson of early wrestling promoters. Eventually, he would elbow daddy out of the way and turn the WWF into the WWE, emphasis on the "E" for Entertainment, and destroyed any competition while building a global empire. Just ask Ted Turner about how ruthless Vince could be. In the process he also created some of the most iconic wrestling superstars in history, came up with the idea of WrestleMania, put his body on the line in numerous matches, and was once so 'roided up jacked he tore a quad muscle just getting in the ring.

He also has a penchant for firing people. Or worse, initiating them into the "Kiss My Ass Club". So Requa and Ficarra better watch out.