Nicolas Winding Refn Has A Talking T-Rex In This Mysterious Teaser

The ever polarizing Nicolas Winding Refn is prone to doing some pretty far out things, but usually that's within the context of a project we're all aware of. I have no idea what this thing is he dropped over the weekend, captioned "Happy Easter" like he's some kind of evil Easter Bunny. It appears to be a teaser of some kind, and has Too Old To Die Young splashed across the screen. That's the title of his and Ed Brubaker's upcoming L.A. crime series that'll star Miles Teller, but there's nothing to indicate it has anything to do with a Tyrannosaurus Rex spouting Bible verses. Or does it?

It's always possible this is Refn's way of promoting a music video he's working on, or a perfume commercial, or maybe that album of music inspired by The Neon Demon he has coming up. Who the heck knows?  Rest assured when Refn lets us in on the joke half of the cinephiles out there will be pumped up, and the rest will wonder why anybody cares.  [via FilmSchoolRejects]