New Trailer For Controversial Drama '3 Generations' With Elle Fanning, Susan Sarandon, & Naomi Watts

Originally titled About Ray, the transgender drama 3 Generations has been a headache for the Weinstein Company since the beginning.  First it was casting Elle Fanning in the role of a transgender teen boy that had some up in arms. It didn't help when the film debuted two years ago at TIFF to scathing reviews, which led Harvey Weinstein to chop the whole thing up and refashion it into a less controversial, more palatable movie. That didn't suit the MPAA who still hit it with an R-rating that Weinstein is currently fighting.

After tons of delays a release is only a few weeks away, and now we have a new trailer so you can see all of the changes that have been made. The New York-centric tale follows three generations of women living under the same house. Fanning plays Ray, a transgender boy getting help coping from his lesbian grandmother (Susan Sarandon) and his single mother (Naomi Watts) who is doing the best she can to accept her son for who he is. The film was directed by Gaby Dellal, who issued this statement about the MPAA's rating...

 “As a mother and a filmmaker, I want to speak to kids, to parents, and to grandparents everywhere in a common language of love and inclusion about a subject matter that is not only real and complicated, but one that is important and alive today."

Also starring Linda Emond and Tate Donovan, 3 Generations opens in LA and NY on May 5th.