Michael Keaton Eyes 'Dumbo' Role; Colin Farrell May Join 'Widows'; Simon Pegg Finds 'Lost Transmissions'

We might be on the verge of a Batman reunion! Michael Keaton may rejoin his Batman director Tim Burton for Disney's live-action Dumbo, which also co-stars Batman Returns' Danny DeVito. Keaton would be up for the villain role, playing the man who acquires the circus from DeVito's character in hopes of exploiting the baby elephant with the big ears. Colin Farrell and Eva Green are also part of the cast. Obviously, this would be another bad guy turn for Keaton, who is set to play Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. [Vulture]

Keaton's potential Dumbo co-star, Colin Farrell, may be joining Widows, the next film from 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen. He would join Viola Davis, Liam Neeson, Michelle Rodriguez, and Cynthia Ervio in the adaptation of the British crime miniseries about a trio of widows who take up the same dangerous heist that got their husbands killed. Farrell would play a politician who gets mixed up in the widows' scheme. [Variety]

Simon Pegg is set to star in Lost Transmissions, an L.A. drama from writer/director Katharine O'Brien. The story follows Hannah, a shy songwriter, who discovers her friend, respected record producer Theo Ross, has lapsed on his medication for schizophrenia. Hannah rallies a group of friends to help commit Theo to a psychiatric facility, chasing him as he outruns his colorful delusions through the glamour and grit of Los Angeles. From the highs of rock and roll to rock bottom, this is a story of the unsung heroes behind the hits.