Michael K. Williams Says His Miles Davis Biopic May Shoot Next Year

It seems nobody has it easy getting a Miles Davis movie off the ground. Notably, Don Cheadle struggled for years before he finally was able to direct and star in Miles Ahead, a semi-fictional account of the legendary jazz trumpeter. A few years ago Michael K. Williams expressed a similar desire to portray Davis in a biopic titled Miles & Me that he said would be in production soon, but nothing came of it. However, it looks like things have turned around for the better.

Radar Radio [via Fact] caught up with Williams and asked him about the film, which he was happy to provide an update on...

That’s happening. That’s very much so happening. That’s in the works right now. That will probably, hopefully — well, you know, knock on wood — that’ll probably be going into production the first quarter of 2018. That’s the goal. Hollywood, stay tuned, right?

Yeah, we'll see about that. I hope it all works out because Williams has worked hard to break free of the "gangsta" and "thug" roles that Hollywood has too frequently thrown his way, probably because of how good he was on The Wire. He's currently filming a role in the Han Solo spinoff, although who that character is has been kept secret.