Michael Bay May Be Leaving, But 14 'Transformers' Movies Could Be Coming

Last night there was a special fan event held for Transformers: The Last Knight, offering new footage from what will be Michael Bay's fifth and "final" movie in the franchise. Or at least that is what Bay has been saying all along, and reiterated again in a pre-taped statement prior to the sneak peek being shown to eager fans. But...it seems there may be one Transformers movie that could draw him back, and it's part of a whopping number of sequels and spinoffs Paramount is considering.

Bay revealed to MTV at CinemaCon, and then repeated in pre-taped footage at tonight's fan event, that 14 Transformers stories have come out of the writers' room Paramount put together. At least one of those is the Bumblebee spinoff directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings), but the rest are unknown.  Bay's interested in possibly returning for one of them, though...

"There are 14 stories written and there’s good stuff. I would like to do one of them though… A Transformers spinoff."

Bay teasing threatening a return to the franchise he built shouldn't come as a surprise. He'll always be part of it as a producer and they are the most lucrative movies he'll ever make in his career. Of course he's keeping that option open. But 14 Transformers movies!?!? Okay, that doesn't mean 14 movies will get made, just that they have story ideas for them. Still, one never knows, and Paramount will be looking for fresh ways to keep the property going as long as they keep making money. But what are we talking about here? An Ironhide movie? Maybe A Beautiful Autobot featuring Wheeljack? How about a solo Blaster film where we learn he was Radio Raheem's famous boombox in Do the Right Thing?

Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 23rd. Bumblebee arrives June 8th 2018.