Mandy Moore Needs Saving From Hungry Sharks In The '47 Meters Down' Trailer

Shark movies will never grow old, which is good because they aren't going anywhere. In fact, there has been a resurgence of them thanks to SyFy and movie like last year's surprisingly fun summer thriller, The Shallows. Well it's starting to heat up outside again, and just in time for you to hit the beaches here comes 47 Meters Down to remind you what happens to those who invade a shark's home turf.

Formerly titled In the Deep and originally meant to arrive last summer, the film's premise is closer to Open Water than The Shallows or Jaws. Mandy Moore of This Is Us and Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries) play two women on a vacation in Mexico who decide to try out shark cage diving. Sounds like fun if you're into that sort of thing, but not even the most thrill-seeking enthusiast would want to be in a cage that has had its rope break. As the cage sinks deeper the women are forced to flee its safety and into the shark infested waters.

Matthew Modine is in this, too, and there's something sketchy about his character here. Maybe their getting stuck wasn't an accident? That's totally something a Modine would do. I think I'd like this movie a lot better if Moore was reprising her role as the hyper-religious Hilary Faye from Saved!

Directed by The Other Side of the Door's Johannes Roberts, 47 Meters Down opens June 16th 2017.