Madonna Isn't Happy About Universal's 'Blond Ambition' Biopic

Movies starring Madonna or directed by Madonna? Well...they haven't done so well, have they? With the exception of Evita and A League of Their Own, most have been duds. The last one, prestige royal drama W.E., couldn't even hit $600K worldwide. But might a movie about Madonna fair better? Thanks to some brewing controversy it might have a better shot.

Universal has picked up the rights to Blond Ambition, which features a Black List-topping script by Elyse Hollander. The film won't cover Madonna's entire life, but will instead focus on the 1980s as she works on her first album, deals with a sexist music industry, and tries to sort out a tangled love life. Brett Ratner is on board as a producer, although the project has yet to find a director. It's worth noting that Hollander was an assistant to Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu on Birdman.

Okay, sounds good and not too controversial, right? Well...Madonna isn't happy about it. She just hit up Instagram to express her displeasure, saying nobody else can tell her story...