'Logan' Is Getting A Black & White Theatrical Run Next Month

When James Mangold launched the initial campaign for Logan, most of the images we saw were in black and white rather than color. While we knew it would be R-rated and thus more violent than previous X-Men movies, we didn't realize just how perfect the format would be until we saw the entire film for ourselves in full color. It gave hope that maybe a black & white version would be released in theaters or at least on Blu-Ray just like the Black & Chrome edition of Mad Max: Fury Road. It took a little while, but Mangold is about to give us our wish.

Mangold hit Twitter and confirmed Logan would be getting a black & white theatrical run on May 16th, followed by a home release on Blu-Ray and DVD. Yeah, buddy. I look at it as showing just a bit more respect to Hugh Jackman's final time as Wolverine, in one of the best movies of the entire X-Men franchise. It deserves to be treated like a true prestige event, and this is another way to go about doing that.