Lightning McQueen Faces His Legacy In New Trailer For 'Cars 3'

Sorry, I'm finding it difficult to get excited over Cars 3. While it's easy to respect Pixar for making three vastly different movies; the first a homespun racer full of family values, the sequel an international spy caper, and now the third which seems to have some serious grit to it, there just doesn't seem to be a reason for these movies to exist other than vast merchandise sales. Oh well, bring on the latest trailer.

Owen Wilson is back as Lightning McQueen, only this time he's older and no longer the top star he once was. After a devastating accident, he's forced to deal with his limitations while reigniting his passion for racing. He also must try to cement his legacy, which proves difficult with hot shot racer Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) tearing up the track. Good thing he has some help from trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) who sets out to teach this old car some new tricks.

Directed by Brian Fee, Cars 3 opens June 16th.