Kevin Hart Will Down The Ol' 96er In 'The Great Outdoors' Remake

In the pantheon of great John Hughes movies, The Great Outdoors probably doesn't rate. But when you have John Candy and Dan Akroyd battling it out for outdoorsman superiority, a few choice scenes are bound to pop up, like the grizzly bear that invades their cabin or Candy downing a 96-ounce steak. It's scenes like those that the 1988 comedy will be remembered for. Well it's about to be introduced to a whole new audience because Kevin Hart is set to star in a remake.

Hart will lead a remake of The Great Outdoors, according to Deadline. The original Howard Deutch-directed movie starred Candy as a Chicago man whose relaxing family vacation to a lakeside resort in Wisconsin is disrupted by the arrival of his brash, competitive in-laws played by Akroyd and Annette Bening in her feature debut. This newer version will be penned by Randall Green, writer on Showtime series Billions, but a director hasn't been found yet.

This remake doesn't bother me too much because there is a lot of room for improvement. Not saying Hart is the right answer but he couldn't hurt, and has proven to be hilarious in the kind of buddy dynamic The Great Outdoors should provide.