Josh Brolin To Play Cable In 'Deadpool' Sequel

You know which news stories are the best news stories? The ones where the Internet media was completely wrong. For months the most sought after role in Hollywood has been Cable in Deadpool 2, with many names floated for the role. Kyle Chandler, Pierce Brosnan, David Harbour, and supposedly Michael Shannon as the frontrunner. Well, none of them won out. Instead, the role of the future mutant warrior has gone to current Marvel actor, Josh Brolin.

Brolin, who already plays Thanos in the MCU, has joined 20th Century Fox's Deadpool 2 as Cable, aka Nathan Summers, the future son of the X-Man known as Cyclops. Between this and Avengers: Infinity War we're going to be seeing a lot of Brolin in the world of superheroes, although it's too bad we can't get some kind of intercompany Brolin vs. Brolin crossover.

Brolin will be paired up on screen with Zazie Beetz who was recently cast as Cable's partner-in-crime, Domino, and of course Ryan Reynolds will be back under the Deadpool mask when shooting kicks off this summer. [THR]