Jai Courtney Is A Nazi In Love In Trailer For 'The Exception'

Attempts by Hollywood to fashion Jai Courtney into a leading action star in A Good Day to Die Hard and Terminator Genisys may have failed, but he won a lot of people over with arguably the most enjoyable performance in Suicide Squad. While we wait to see him return for that sequel, Courtney is taking on the unexpected role of a Nazi leader in The Exception, a new drama that also stars Cinderella's Lily James and Oscar winner Christopher Plummer.

Formerly titled The Kaiser's Last Kiss, which sounds super dry and boring, the film debuted at TIFF last year and was quietly picked up by A24 last fall. Set in 1940 Gemany, the story finds Courtney as a Nazi soldier assigned to protect the country's former leader, Kaiser Wilhelm II (Plummer), only for him to fall in love with a Jewish maid (James) at the Kaiser's home.

Sounds and looks like a classic, handsomely made wartime romance from David Leveaux, a multi-time Tony nominated stage director making his feature debut. Also starring Eddie Marsan, Janet McTeer, and Ben Daniels, The Exception will hit DirecTV on April 27th and theaters June 2nd.