It's Rosario Dawson vs. Katherine Heigl In New Trailer For 'Unforgettable'

Apparently Katherine Heigl hasn't watched any of the Marvel Netflix shows, or pretty much anything else Rosario Dawson has been in. Otherwise she'd know not to f**k with her. She bites off more than she can chew in the new trailer for Unforgettable, which looks like one of those degrading domestic thrillers where women fight other women over some dude.

Heigl plays a woman who goes to pathological lengths to destroy her ex-husband's (Geoff Stults) new wife (Dawson, obviously), who has her own troubled past. Eventually they'll just engage in an epic cat fight or something, because that's how these things go. Here's the synopsis to further explain that which doesn't need explaining:

Tessa Connover (Heigl) is barely coping with the end of her marriage when her ex-husband, David (Stults), becomes happily engaged to Julia Banks (Dawson) — not only bringing Julia into the home they once shared but also into the life of their daughter, Lily. Trying to settle into her new life, Julia believes she has finally met the man of her dreams, the man who can help her put her own troubled past behind her. But Tessa’s jealousy soon takes a pathological turn until she will stop at nothing to turn Julia’s dream into her ultimate nightmare. 

Directed by Denise Di Novi, Unforgettable opens April 21st, and you know it's going to do really well, right? These movies always do.