'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Eyes $150M Debut, Plus New Trailer And Revealing Clip

Remember when Marvel was kinda nervous about Guardians of the Galaxy? The 2014 film featured characters most viewers weren't familiar with, and stars that weren't box office draws, and a director who had never worked on that scale before. And yet it became, arguably, the most popular movie in the MCU and a $770M smash. The expectations are even greater for Vol. 2, and now we have an idea whether or not it can meet them.

According to Deadline, the sequel is projected to have a $150M opening weekend, which is huge. However, that would make it only the fifth best debut for Marvel, ahead of Iron Man 2's $128M and behind Iron Man 3's $174M.  There are some analysts out there who are projecting much better, though, with the possibility it could surpass Captain America: Civil War's $179M.

So good news all around for Marvel and Disney, who seem to be basking in good news lately. Anyway, a new Chinese trailer for Vol. 2 has been released with some minor bits of new footage. But more revealing is the recent clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which he sends his sidekick pal Guillermo Rodriguez onto the set to shoot a cameo. Not a joke cameo this time, but a real one. After some shenanigans with the cast, they actually showed the clip at around the 6-minute mark, and it's kind of surprising.

We knew there would be some Earthbound scenes because that's where Nathan Fillion's cameo as Simon Williams aka Wonder Man will take place. But I don't think we expected the Earth to come under attack by whatever that thing is seen in this footage. Check it out for yourself.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opens May 5th.