Fede Alvarez and Jay Basu To Get Lost In 'Labyrinth'

First of all, I know I should have used a picture of Alvarez or Basu but one does not pass up chances to post pictures of Jennifer Connelly. Anywho, Fede Alvarez who burst into the front of Hollywood consciousness with last year's Don't Breathe has just signed to make a film in the universe of Jim Henson's 80's cult iconoclastic Labyrinth with his The Girl in the Spider's Web partner Jay Basu. Note that this will not be a remake or re-imagining, but just a film in the universe of. If you remember back to the actual movie the Goblin King ruled over an entire world of magic (I think...honestly it's been a while) and we only got a small taste of what that universe has to offer. That being said I can't imagine this working if they ditch practical puppets for something CGI'ish. Labyrinth is one of those odd films that everyone claims to love but forgets that it didn't even work in its own time and now doesn't really hold up. It's a film that works best as a memory, a quick reminiscence you have with a friend about David Bowie's awesome cod piece. I don't mean to shade the chances of this new film just to bring some realism to our "fond" memories of the original. If a proper story can be found and they stick to the practical and darker side of things something wicked this way may come!