'Fate Of The Furious' Writer Has Awesome Idea For Sending Them To Space

Is there anything that could possibly cause the Fast and the Furious franchise to jump the shark? I mean, they're racing and maneuvering torpedoes in The Fate of the Furious, and we all just sort of accept it. There is no other franchise that we gleefully allow the most ridiculous stuff to happen and rather than tune out pump our fists and cheer for more. But...what if Dom, Letty, Agent Hobbs, and the crew somehow found themselves in outer space?

Admit it, you and your buddies have joked about it in some way. What else can they possibly do to raise the bar other than save the entire planet and/or the universe? Well, Uproxx spoke with franchise writer Chris Morgan and, shockingly, he didn't dismiss it outright when they asked him if the series could possibly head into space...

“Look, I get all versions of that question. I get, ‘Are you going to space?,’ and, ‘Please, God, tell me you’re not going to space because you’ll lose me if you do.’ … The only way I’d go to space is if I had something so good.”

And honestly, I think he DOES have something "so good"...

“What if Dom’s long lost brother, Richard B. Riddick showed up?”

WHAT!?!? If you don't know, Richard B. Riddick is the chief character in Vin Diesel's The Chronicles of Riddick sci-fi franchise. Forget 22 Jump Street/Men in Black, this is the crossover I'd pay money for. Even better, both are at Universal so Diesel could probably make this happen if he really wanted to.

Of course, it probably won't. The Riddick movies aren't exactly a name brand so there would be little incentive in risking the viability of 'Furious'. But a guy can dream, can't he?